The Missions of the church is missions. The Missions of missions is the church

At Harvest Bible Chapel, we believe strongly that Missions are a core tenant of the gospel. The majority of Christ’s ministry was a form of Missions.


The focus of Compassion Ministries at Harvest Bible Chapel is to honor God by fulfilling the mission the Lord gave His followers to make disciples, baptize them, and teach them to follow His ways. (Matthew 28:19-20)

He hasn’t just given the local church a place to meet, but has planted us in a community that He desires for us to fully reach. We are to live out the Great Commission through ministry in Word and deed. (Romans 15:18).

This is the passion and heartbeat of Harvest Bible Chapel Compassion Ministries.


Benevolence is the primary ministry through which Harvest Bible Chapel offers support and assistance to believers who attend our church and are going through a financially difficult time. Support is available in various forms—a box of food, help planning out a home budget, counseling through a crisis, etc.


Mission Harvest is a ministry of Harvest Bible Chapel. Harvest Bible Chapel continues to train pastors and help launch churches around the world. In 2017 we refined our focus.